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音画同步文化传媒 offers all the Music Studio services you need — from recording and mixing, to mastering and distribution. We also rent out our space for special events, parties, and screenings. Contact us to reserve time in our studio and start working with the very best recording professionals in the biz.



Looking to bring your creative concoctions to life? Book your Mixing session at 音画同步文化传媒 and work with our experienced team to realize your unique sound. Together we’ll collaborate throughout the entire production process to develop a final recording you are proud of and which your fans will enjoy. Contact us to start Mixing today.



Create and capture your next sounds with experienced professionals and the latest recording technologies at 音画同步文化传媒. You’ll have your pick of equipment — everything from microphones to electronic mixing consoles. Contact us to set up a time for your Recording session today! The world of sound is at your fingertips.


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Want to record your own sounds from the comfort and convenience of a professional Music Studio? Reserve your next Mastering session with us and get access to all of our state-of-the-art equipment and studio space. Contact us to find out more about our Mastering rates and availabilities. Don’t wait too long, our calendar fills up fast.


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作曲家,舒聪,新片场学院《好莱坞电影配乐》导师,该课程合作《阿凡达》,《驯龙高手》,《特洛伊》配器师,Jon Kull 联手打造;上和弦教育机构电影配乐核心课讲师


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